Is the Assassin Bug Real?

Some folks who have read the manuscript of my novel (my beta testers and writer’s group) have asked if the assassin bug described is real. The answer is yes… and no. The assassin bug, and its horrific digestion practice, is very real; however, its size in today’s world is a lot smaller than those in Secrets of Hopelight. Just imagine this ugly SOB (son of a bug) four feet long instead of his 1/2 inch self…dreamstime_8189455.jpgphoto © Hock Ping Guek

Official Blog Launch

Today I officially launched my little blog and join the ranks of the other 1.4 million web logs. It’s “official” because I’ve told enough people about it that I have actual comments and my first follower! I’ve linked to google and to facebook too, which took me a grand total of 13-1/2 hours to figure out how to do– yes, my children have been without matching socks for most of the week.

Why Blog? Why not Blog? Here I’ll get to post about those things that interest me and maybe a few of those things will interest you too. Most importantly, it’s another venue for me to write, and now, you can come along with me for the ride…the top’s down, the weather’s prime, let’s stir up some dust and get this adventure started…