K. E. Blaski


I am the author of GLIMMER OF STEEL, a YA Dark Fantasy published January 24, 2017 by Mollusc Bay Books. My alter ego is an associate professor at Rock Valley College where I routinely incorporate story telling into my classroom. I am also the Senior Partner at Slug Pie Stories, LLC.

My past lives provide plenty of material, including work as a waitress, radio disk jockey, drug sales rep, backup vocalist in an 80s cover band and entrepreneur.

The diplomas on my wall include an MBA in marketing and finance from Indiana University and a BS degree in marketing and communications from Millikin University.

I am a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

My interests are diverse and include everything from science and music to hanging out on the beach appearing to do absolutely nothing (in actuality, dreaming up the next story). And of course, I write, write, write and then I write some more. I also have a soft spot for zombie books and movies.

I write short, long, dark, light, and bent fiction and have had short stories published for children and adults in Horror and SciFi online and print magazines.

A wanderer at heart, I have lived in nine states and traveled all over the world currently residing in Rockford, IL. Recently widowed, I share a shrinking house with my two daughters, two cats, two Guinea Pigs, and a mutt named SIS.

Author photo © Joan Rabe, Flashback Photography.

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  2. Hi Karin, A good friend of yours told about Glimmer of Steel, can’t find it on Amazon, would love to read this one also. Your literature talents are great! Keep up the excellent work and please post or email the link for the book mentioned. Thanks “Hey, Hey we’re the Sloufies”

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