What’s to Like About Rockford: The Olympic Tavern, Since 1945


When it’s 7 degrees outside, there’s nothing better than meeting up with good friends for good food at a great LOCAL place. If beer is your thing, The Olympic Tavern features a beer menu with 28 beers on tap, 59 bottles and 9 cans, including a brew with the propitious name of SKA Euphoria. If beer is not your thing–since these days I’m a teetotaler too, the food and service are well worth the visit.

My writing critique partner extraordinaire and I like to meet up at the Olympic Tavern because we can easily chat away four hours and the staff won’t kick us out no matter how busy they are. We were just there earlier this month discussing literary and literal loves. I had the crab stuffed sole with champaign cream sauce and had to force myself to savor every bite rather than devour the meal (which is what my taste buds were demanding). Our server was pleasant, attentive, but not intrusive. We could hear each other speak. Always a plus in my book. And I left without spending every dime I earned that week.

The inside has recently been remodeled, but to be honest *I haven’t noticed* I pay attention to the person(s) I’m with, not whether or not there’s new paneling 🙂

On a Friday or Saturday night you’ll definitely need a reservation.

Photograph 1/31/13 Karin Blaski

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