Every Moment was Golden

School starts next week and the family’s busy gathering a crazy amount of school supplies while I prep for fall semester classes. A good time to take a minute and reflect on “how I spent my summer vacation.”

The big goal accomplished: finishing my second novel, tentatively titled CHOSEN SOUL. Just waiting now for those beta readers to get their feedback to me (hint, hint) so I can shine the book up and send it to my agent. I did other things too. Spent some time on the beach and in the pool and at the park. Spent an inordinate amount of time refereeing sibling battles between my two daughters. Drank a lot of diet limeade from Sonic. Grew strawberries and tomatoes for the squirrel masses living in my yard. Read a half-dozen terrific books and one not so great one. Never quite got around to spring cleaning the house. In short, summer was too short, sweet & sour, and absolutely perfect.

3 thoughts on “Every Moment was Golden

  1. @MEGilbert I agree!

    @KarlieMac I can’t just yet. Needs some more spit and polish. Plus, my agent needs to see it before the world wide web 🙂 But thank you for your enthusiasm, I dearly appreciate it.

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