1st Year Anniversary

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Last year, while on vacation digging holes with my kids at the beach, I considered writing a blog. The conversation went something like this:

Son to mom, “You’ve finished writing your book– whatcha gonna do now?”

Mom to son, “I was thinking about starting a blog.”

Son to mom, “Oh, I thought we could go to Disney World or something.”

We haven’t made it to Disney World yet, it’s on the to do list, but I did start a blog, and this week is its one year anniversary. A lot has happened in a year and for some reason after age sixteen, the years seem to speed along at an exponential rate. Before sixteen, they crawl along like this guy. But these days, blink it’s Christmas again, blink, you have a domain name, blink–blink, you’re a year older, and yes I agree, it’s completely not fair that at a “certain age” zits and wrinkles overlap. Like I said, a lot has happened this year.

So in celebration of the one year anniversary of the Blog for the Morbidly Thoughtful, I share with you one of my favorite discoveries from the past 12 months:


Whoever the Wrigley chemist is who concocted this scrumptious flavor festival, I love you.

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  1. Some of the credit for your gum goes to Marilyn Ricketts from Torquay, England. She invented the ice-cream for a contest entry.

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