De-stress with HAIKU


As the family and I suffer cabin fever at the frigid hands of a below zero windchill and I torment myself contemplate my future (more on that later this week), I am reminded ofย a dear friend of mine who posts delightful HAIKU on her Facebook Wall as a way to let go of some of the cares of her day. So here I thought I would start a new thread designed simply to amuse and destress.

Remember the rules are three lines of 5-7-5 syllables, and to be true to the Americanized form you should mention nature (but I won’t tell on you if you break that particular rule, as I like to occasionally break it myself).

I’ll get us started, and as you can see there is nothing natural about my first HAIKU below:

For twenty-five years

I stayed away from Poptarts

Today was special

And for my second one…

Bitter wind carves air

Sleet pummels an icy path

Would you pump the gas?

You’re next ๐Ÿ™‚

Photo credit ยฉ Kheng Ho Toh

9 thoughts on “De-stress with HAIKU

  1. fellow HAIKU writers, I’m posting a link for a contest that involves love, HAIKU and travel to a warm place– a wonderful combination. Hope you win!

    Sponsored by Southwest airlines. Luv is in the air. A grand romantic giveaway to Panama City Beach. To enter, tell your love story in HAIKU. 17 syllables in 3 lines.

    Prize includes: 7-night stay at Grand Panama Beach Resort ย• Two round-trip airline tickets courtesy of Southwest Airlines ย• A $10,000 shopping spree courtesy of McCaskill & Company ย• Car service to and from the airport courtesy of Sunshine Shuttle ย• Private dinner for 2 courtesy of The Resort Collection of Panama City Beach ย• Massage services courtesy of The Club at Edgewater ย• Firefly gift certificate courtesy of Firefly restaurant ย• Flowers courtesy of Blossoms of Chipley ย• Pier Park certificate courtesy of Pier Park ย• 4-Hour Eco-Tour courtesy of SunJammers ย• Dolphin Swim courtesy of Gulf World ย• Painting by Justin Gaffrey ย• Body Treatments courtesy of Fusion Spa Salon

  2. Don’t take this the wrong way, but your poptart picture is very unappetizing. How about a nice bowl of ice-cream instead? Here’s my HAIKU contribution:

    Poptarts are too dull
    I prefer my HagenDaz
    Run Raisin is best

  3. I think the cheese kicked b*##. My HAIKU response…

    My team lost the game
    Packers win 21 ย– 14
    Papa Bear whimpers

  4. Here’s one just for you only becuase I know your watching the game right now:

    Bears versus Packers
    Better than the SuperBowl
    Let us eat some cheese!

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