6 thoughts on “Muffin Interview

  1. @MEGilbert, I’m holding off on the WIP posting as you can see. The romance is being put aside for now–isn’t that always what happens when we get busy? The reason is I have some agent interest in Hopelight that I’ll be blogging about in a couple of days instead. Stay tuned!

  2. Thanks for the kudos. Also SydneyJ thanks for the recommendation about voice recognition software and MEGilbert thanks for suggesting I post another excerpt. I’ll pick one that doesn’t give too much away and put it up in a couple days.

  3. Great job Karin. Glad you’re starting to catch some breaks. I think you should put some excerpt from your WIP on your blog–it’s sounds fascinating and could generate some interest before you even finish it. Just a suggestion.

  4. Congrats Karin. You’re an official celebrity when you get interviewed on a well respected blog. Good for you.

    @SydneyJ. my experience with Voice Recognition software has been very poor. You spend more time editing than you would if you just typed it in the first time.

  5. I read your interview. Congratulations! Loved the idea of using a minirecorder to capture story ideas. Have you tried anything with voice recognition software? In theory you could play your minirecorder into your computer and save yourself the typing.

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