Top Five Ways to Suck Up to Your Professor, #3



Deep fried grasshoppers, stewed chicken feet, durian fruit…

No, we’re not serving up exotic Asian foods in my classroom, but if you can’t even consider the possibility that another culture would find these foods the equivalent of a philly cheese steak, or a deep dish pizza, then already you’ve closed off a part of your mind.

To be open, is to be tolerant of diversity, free from bigotry and judgment, and eager to be exposed to new truths. When you come into the classroom, are you ready to let go of limits? Willing to push open the gates of possibility? Capable of waiting before forming an opinion?

New, foreign, different, unusual does not equal bad. New ideas may make you uncomfortable and it may take some degree of courage for you to accept or even consider them, but the alternative is mental stagnation. A closed mind is incapable of creativity. An open mind actively seeks understanding, and strives for better, more creative solutions.

If you come to my class closed, I will accept you for who you are, but I will be a little sad for you too: a limited life affects me that way.

Photo Credit © Alisher Duasbaew

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  1. Keeping an open mind does not mean you have to give up your own values … It just means consider everything and make the changes you decide to. Mostly just be accepting of others opinions even when they diverge from your own.

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