Getting ready for school

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Intermingled with sending out query letters, I’ve been working on fall semester syllabi, pulling out the old ones, dusting them off and polishing them up, printing them out. In short, getting ready for another semester of school.

Last year around this time a friend sent me a cartoon that read “I know the first day of school can be difficult, but you have to go– you’re the teacher.”

Sometimes it is hard to come back after an especially delightful summer away from … grading. But this semester I celebrate my 9th year of full-time teaching, five or so years of previous part-time, and I can honestly say I am looking forward to the first day (week, month) of school.

I wouldn’t miss that first time meeting with a class. Excitement, anxiety and fresh perspective thick enough to fog up the windows– and that’s just from me. Everyone has a new, unsullied attitude and is eager to learn and put forth their best effort.

Right up until midterm, when we’re all looking at the calendar thinking– when’s Thanksgiving break?

Photograph © Sonya Etchison

One thought on “Getting ready for school

  1. Each year summer seems a little shorter, time passes a little faster, and there seems to be just a bit more to do in preparing for a new year.
    We know its coming. We have had the date on the calendar almost before the last year ended, but somehow the school year just suddenly appears before us.

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