De-stress with HAIKU


As the family and I suffer cabin fever at the frigid hands of a below zero windchill and I torment myself contemplate my future (more on that later this week), I am reminded of a dear friend of mine who posts delightful HAIKU on her Facebook Wall as a way to let go of some of the cares of her day. So here I thought I would start a new thread designed simply to amuse and destress.

Remember the rules are three lines of 5-7-5 syllables, and to be true to the Americanized form you should mention nature (but I won’t tell on you if you break that particular rule, as I like to occasionally break it myself).

I’ll get us started, and as you can see there is nothing natural about my first HAIKU below:

For twenty-five years

I stayed away from Poptarts

Today was special

And for my second one…

Bitter wind carves air

Sleet pummels an icy path

Would you pump the gas?

You’re next 🙂

Photo credit © Kheng Ho Toh

9 thoughts on “De-stress with HAIKU

  1. fellow HAIKU writers, I’m posting a link for a contest that involves love, HAIKU and travel to a warm place– a wonderful combination. Hope you win!

    Sponsored by Southwest airlines. Luv is in the air. A grand romantic giveaway to Panama City Beach. To enter, tell your love story in HAIKU. 17 syllables in 3 lines.

    Prize includes: 7-night stay at Grand Panama Beach Resort • Two round-trip airline tickets courtesy of Southwest Airlines • A $10,000 shopping spree courtesy of McCaskill & Company • Car service to and from the airport courtesy of Sunshine Shuttle • Private dinner for 2 courtesy of The Resort Collection of Panama City Beach • Massage services courtesy of The Club at Edgewater • Firefly gift certificate courtesy of Firefly restaurant • Flowers courtesy of Blossoms of Chipley • Pier Park certificate courtesy of Pier Park • 4-Hour Eco-Tour courtesy of SunJammers • Dolphin Swim courtesy of Gulf World • Painting by Justin Gaffrey • Body Treatments courtesy of Fusion Spa Salon

  2. Don’t take this the wrong way, but your poptart picture is very unappetizing. How about a nice bowl of ice-cream instead? Here’s my HAIKU contribution:

    Poptarts are too dull
    I prefer my HagenDaz
    Run Raisin is best

  3. Here’s one just for you only becuase I know your watching the game right now:

    Bears versus Packers
    Better than the SuperBowl
    Let us eat some cheese!

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